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The Clutch
017 The Ruins of Sil'dih
The citystates of Ul'dah and Sil'dih coexisted for generations until four hundred years ago when bad blood festering betwixt the two sultanates culminated in the War of the Sisters─leaving Sil'dih a smoldering pile of rubble to be claimed by the shifting desert sands. The subsequent relocation of Ul'dah placed the citystate nearly directly above her fallen sibling.
053 Black Brush Station
A marvel of modern innovation, the steam engine has transformed the mining industry, increasing efficiency and profits thrice over. It has also led to the transformation of what was once a thinly manned aetheryte outpost into a thriving crossroads of labor and commerce─a new pillar to support the thriving Ul'dahn economy.
054 Gate of Nald
One of three main portals accessible by the general populace, the Gate of Nald is wide enough for two fully burdened chocobo carriages to enter abreast and still leave room for the flanking gateguards. Her Royal Majesty Nanamo Ul Namo has commanded that the portcullis remain open night and day, so as to welcome all who would partake of Ul'dah's wonders.

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