Sightseeing Log

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076 Impressions076 The Steel Vigil

Overheard in a tavern: "...Bollocks, I say! Ye haven't truly seen the Vigil until ye've seen it from that very spot. Ye'll be wantin' to tread carefully, mind ye."
Coerthas Central Highlands x:28 y:10
Clear Skies 05:0007:59

One of four citadel watchtowers built along the Sea of Clouds, the Steel Vigil warned the Holy See of aerial attacks for centuries before being razed and gutted by the Dravanian Horde and their vile commander, Svara. Now, only the outer walls remain, leaving a bitter reminder of the dragons' destructive power.
077 Impressions077 Castrum Centri

"It's unnatural, is what it is─roads and towers made of metal─and yet I couldn't avert my eyes. Then I heard the great steel beast rousing in the distance, and thought I'd best be on my way." Such were the scout's words, and I would see as he saw.
Mor Dhona x:9 y:13
Gloom 12:0016:59

Castrum Centri was erected with material salvaged from the ruins of Castrum Novum─the Garlean Empire's first major outpost in Eorzea, constructed in the final year of the Sixth Astral Era by VIIth Legion legatus Nael van Darnus. It houses several ceruleum mining pits, a magitek manufactory, and the Phantom Train, used to transport ordnance to outlying castra.
078 Impressions078 The Crystal Tower

"It was a scene not of this world: a forest of crystal, and in the distance a spire that stretched so high it could have touched the heavens..." Such were the adventurer's words, and I would see as she saw.
Mor Dhona x:27 y:8
Fair Skies 18:0004:59

As if somehow beckoned forth from its hypogeal prison by the events of the Calamity, this sky-scraping spire now commands the Mor Dhonan horizon. Through their research, the Sons of Saint Coinach have determined that the monolith, also known as Syrcus Tower, was constructed to collect and store the endless energies of the sun.
079 Impressions079 Rathefrost

"In fields of crystal, I stood tall atop one of the stones and took in the view in all its shimmering desolation." Such were the adventurer's words, and I would see what he saw.
Mor Dhona x:18 y:17
Clear Skies 12:0016:59

The fall of the Agrius into Silvertear Falls not only drained the magnificent multi-tiered lake, but instantly crystallized the majority of the region's flora─a result of mass quantities of ceruleum fuel reacting with aether released upon Midgardsormr's death. What remains is a brilliant, yet dead landscape akin to a twisted garden pocked with blooming geodes.
080 Impressions080 The Keeper of the Lake

Overheard in a tavern: "I was an adventurer meself, aye. Till that day when, from atop a tree, I saw that ungodly thing─that twisted mass of metal and scale. Ran from the lake as fast as my legs could carry me. Reckoned I'd be safer livin' the rest of my days out of a bottle."
Mor Dhona x:26 y:11
Fair Skies 17:0017:59

Maintaining a silent vigil over Silvertear Lake, the Keeper is wrought from the wreckage of the imperial flagship, the Agrius, and the entangled remains of Midgardsormr. For many religious and mythological enthusiasts, it stands as proof of the existence of the gods. For most people, however, it serves as a grim reminder of the horrific power of Garlemald.

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