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Whilom River
The Iron Feast
55 Gulleye
Anyx Old
West Mourn
60 Gulleye
008 Loth ast Gnath
Built from a highly viscous blend of Dravanian clay and saliva, the nests of the Gnath are surprisingly stable, able to withstand the harsh elements of the Dravanian forelands. The smoke that rises from the mound-like structures is believed to be a sort of incense with a scent that, for reasons unknown, keeps would-be dragon invaders at bay.
009 Anyx Minor
The shattered ruins of a once-proud city. The official stance of the Holy See is that it was a settlement of heretics, razed to the ground by Halone in an act of divine retribution, though scholars disagree on the historical accuracy of this interpretation.
010 Anyx Trine
Three towers unique in that they appear to have been built to house both man and dragon, an architectural oddity which would seem to corroborate the Holy See's position that they were erected by heretic witches for themselves and their dragon consorts.
011 The Hundred Throes
The rushing river has all but swallowed these ancient ruins at the base of Sohm Al, which now serve as a nest to all manner of beastkin who find sustenance in its waters, and the dragons who find sustenance in said beastkin.
012 Halo
This ancient altar sits in the fiery depths of Mourn. Once adorned by statues depicting a girl and a dragon, only the latter has survived to the present age. Lift your eyes above the structure, and the base of the floating peak of Sohm Al can be seen.
013 Tailfeather
Founded by hunters who came to the frontiers in hopes of snaring the wild chocobos of the forest, this settlement and those who call it home are shielded from the eyes of the dragons by the canopy of the majestic caelumtrees that rise high above it.
014 Sohm Al
Of all the mighty peaks that comprise Abalathia's Spine, none rise higher than Sohm Al, the highest point in all Eorzea. It is held as a sacred land by the dragons, who are said to journey here when they feel their life slipping away. Formed not of stone but solid crystal, the massive mountain floating above the ground below is a marvelous sight to behold.
047 Whilom River
When asked to explain the origin of its name, the local hunters usually say that while the river courses with tranquility in the present day, it once ran scarlet with the blood of the Dravanians and their foes. Those who fraternize with the dragons refute this interpretation, asserting instead that the river is symbolic of the passage of time since the sorrowful parting of paths between man and dragon.
048 Loth ast Vath
Cast out from the main colony, a minority of Gnath known as the Nonmind built Loth ast Vath as a sanctuary for other exiles. The word “Vath” is derogatory in the Gnathic tongue, referring to those who can no longer link their thoughts to the Overmind. Possessed of individual personalities unlike their Onemind brothers, the Vath learn to live with each other's differing thoughts in the makeshift colony.
049 The Hissing Cobbles
The remaining fragment of a forgotten highway, the Hissing Cobbles have been molded by the inexorable march of time, its neatly arranged grids of stone fading into earth and dust. The hunters of Tailfeather bitterly call it such as many a tracked quarry have escaped, startled by the hissing sound of boots grating on loose gravel.
050 The Danneroad
This road leading to Anyx Trine was originally called Dran Errn, which roughly translates to “the path of dragon and man.” Due to the difficult pronunciation, the road became known as the Danneroad over time, and its profound meaning was forgotten by all but the Dravanians.

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