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Eil Tohm
Tharl Oom Khash
55 Gulleye
015 Moghome
A settlement that sits curiously atop Sohm Al, the tallest peak in Eorzea, in the heart of the dragons' demesne. What pact might the moogles have made with the great wyrm Hraesvelgr to allow them to live here in peace?
016 The Aery
Vicious aetheric storms rage in Nidhogg's lair, keeping out all those who would dare disturb the great wyrm in his slumber─be it one of years or centuries.
017 Tharl Oom Khash
An ancient structure half-consumed by crystal, its name means “crystal from remorse” in the tongue of dragons. From the sheer mass of crystallization, it has been posited that an entity possessed of aetheric power to rival the seven great wyrms laid down its life here...
018 Zenith
A majestic fortress in Hraesvelgr's domain, watched over at the great wyrm's behest by the moogles who make their home in the Churning Mists. Though the years─a thousand of them─have taken their toll, it still stands proud and strong, stirring the hearts of all who lay eyes upon it.
019 The Lost Landlord
This colossus stands on an island in Greensward. Its name was bestowed by the moogles, who believe it to be a statue of the “king of the land-dwellers,” though no records remain that could shed light on the identity of this individual, and whether or not he ever truly walked the realm.
020 The House of Letters
The thousand-year-old ruins of a tower said to have been built by the hand of man and dragon in the days before the war. Even now, as it lies crumbling in ruin, one can still make out the letters engraved in its walls, which have led the moogles to give it the name by which it is now commonly known.
021 The Rookery
As the moogles tell it, the place known as the Rookery was once a bustling skyport where wayfarers came and went on the backs of trained wyverns. These days, the buildings remain, but the only dragons in sight are the vicious minions of Nidhogg.
051 Statue of the Unsung
A solitary statue of a dragon in the southeastern corner of the Churning Mists. While it is difficult to ascertain the circumstances which led to its creation, the sculpture's foundation bears a weathered inscription in an early script which reads “along with the memory of thine heroic sapphire wings.”
052 Landlord Colony
The many dwellings here show evidence of extensive damage, likely the work of a furious Nidhogg following the betrayal of man. The moogles tell that the ruins were once home to the “lords of the lower lands,” although their history was lost in the great wyrm's wrath.
053 The Old Father
The moogles consider this ancient tree to be the forebearer of all flora in the Churning Mists. They believe that the Father bore witness to a time before man and dragon descended into their millennium of bloodshed.

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