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60 Gulleye
60 Gulleye
001 Falcon's Nest
From its humble origins as a lonely cluster of barracks nestled in the mountains of western Coerthas, the village of Falcon's Nest grew and prospered until the Calamity came and the icy winter took its deathly toll. Its name derives from the falconers who reside there with their snow white charges, defending their mountain home from the Dravanian threat.
002 Camp Riversmeet
Once a key military outpost for the Ishgardian forces, this strategic location where the waters of the Swiftrun and the Coerthas flow together is home to a lone aetheryte shard, which has stood abandoned in the years since the Calamity.
003 The Dreaming Dragon
What appears to be an island floating amidst the icy waters of Ashpool is said to have once been a living, breathing dragon─magicked into slumber by the Holy See until ash enveloped its body and its limbs turned nigh unto stone.
004 The Dusk Vigil
The Calamity was not kind to this once-proud watchtower, from which Ser Yuhelmeric and the brave knights of House Durendaire once stood watch against the encroaching Horde. Since the walls fell and the chill took hold, it has come to be inhabited by all manner of fell beasts, and gods only know what else.
005 Gorgagne Mills
Ser Gorgagne was a proud knight and bannerman of House Durendaire, until the fateful day when the heir of that house vanished from sight while under his care, never to be seen again. Devastated by the loss of the boy and his own failing, he put aside his blade and built this farm, where he quietly lived out the rest of his days.
006 Hemlock
Once a bustling village and home to the woodcutters who plied their trade in the western highlands of Coerthas, this settlement─named for the large evergreens unique to the area─was abandoned when the chill came, and remains a ghost town to this day.
007 The Bed of Bones
It remains to be confirmed whether, as the tales say, yetis prefer to slumber atop makeshift bedding fashioned from the remains of their victims─in large part because prominent naturalists have been reluctant to do the fieldwork necessary to corroborate this claim.
043 The Pike
A monumental stone sculpture carved in the likeness of Haldrath, the first Azure Dragoon. The stonemason Percelle devoted thirty of her later years chiseling the piece, and it has stood for more than 150 years since. Even today, one cannot find a more stirring tribute to one of Ishgard's founding fathers.
044 Black Iron Bridge
This testament to the skill of House Dzemael's artisans serves the main road stretching from the capital to the Dusk Vigil. Although built primarily of solid stone, the bridge was named for its suspended metal chains, wrought from black iron impervious to the blazing temperatures of a dragon's exhalation.
045 Dragonspit
Said to be as scalding as a wyrm's breath, Dragonspit is a colorful analogy for the hot springs nestled between the cliffs near the Slate Mountains. Local wildlife has long been attracted to the warmth of the natural thermal pools, and their numbers have only increased following the advent of the long winter. The steaming springs are also frequented by Ishgardian knights, who laud them for their supposed healing properties.
046 The Slate Mountains
These mountains on the outskirts of Ishgard were valued as a mining site for slate of exceptional quality. Three years past, the knights of House Dzemael attempted to carve an Ishgardian stronghold into the cliffs, enraging the dragon Cuelebre and his followers. Remnants of the gruesome battle that followed still lie scattered about the crags, unable to decay in the chilled altitude.

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