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Timmon Beck
Mirage Creek
001 Castellum Velodyna
Built upon the bridge over the Velodyna River, this imperial fortification serves as a critical waypoint for supplies, connecting the many military installations to the east with Baelsar's Wall to the west. Rising sky-high from the center is a great tower that provides moorage for airships.
002 Gyr Kehim
A monastery established some three centuries ago by Heimart, high priest of the Fist of Rhalgr. In the ancient Mhachi language, the name means “one's mirage”─a reference to the arduous training that monks underwent to face their inner self in their quest to master both body and mind.
003 Schism
In a time out of mind, seeking to approach the sublimity of Rhalgr, a man began pummeling a mountain with his fists. After decades of nigh ceaseless striking, he succeeded in forming a great cavern in the mountain. This nameless soul is revered as the first monk of the Fist of Rhalgr, and the temple was later built here, within the hollow he had created.
004 Castrum Oriens
This Garlean stronghold has its beginnings as the construction base for Baelsar's Wall. Following the Seventh Umbral Calamity, it was expanded to become a fully fledged castrum for the Black Wolf's renewed invasion efforts. Nowadays, it is held by the Order of the Twin Adder and jointly garrisoned by Alliance forces.
005 Dimwold
A gloomy forest occupying the southern expanse of East End. Drenched by the waters of Timmon Beck and numerous subterranean springs, the air beneath the boughs is laden with moisture, giving rise to a constant veil of light-smothering mist.
006 Djanan Qhat
A distinctive castle of clay built by the Ananta, housing within its depths a shrine to the goddess Lakshmi, Lady of Bliss. For this reason it was given its name, which means “mother's bed” in the Ananta tongue. At present it is occupied by the dominant Qalyana tribe.
007 The Peering Stones
The village of the M tribe, perched high atop a crag. Its position affords residents a commanding view of their entire territory, and neither trespasser nor prey may pass through unnoticed. As the Garleans deem hunting cultures savage, however, imperial rule has proven harder upon them than most.
048 The Yawn
Writhing with a mysterious pink substance, this cavernous hollow was torn from the earth during the titanic struggle between Omega and Shinryu. In a bid to bring down its steely foe, the primal unleashed a beam of all-consuming light from its maw, the slightest veering of which could have been disastrous for the nearby M tribe village.

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