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Heather Falls
65 Gulleye
The Arms of Meed
70 Gulleye
The Ephor
70 Gulleye
Grymm & Enid
008 Hidden Tear
A shrine for honoring the departed, backed by a waterfall whose constant roaring muffles one's sobs and whose spraying hides one's tears. Under imperial rule, however, religious rites were outlawed, and for a long time people could not hold even the simplest services to remember loved ones.
009 Coldhearth
Tucked away in a forgotten corner of the Peaks, this sleepy hamlet is known for producing mercenaries, a tradition that was born out of necessity. With its lands yielding precious little bounty, youths took to leaving hearth and home behind to trade their sword arms for coin, most notable among them being Raubahn Aldynn, the Bull of Ala Mhigo.
010 Nyunkrepf's Hope
When the Sixth Umbral Calamity befell Eorzea and the realm was transformed into a sea, this great vessel, built by a man hailing far from the north named Nyunkrepf, saved full many lives. Having taken aboard countless souls drifting in the floodwaters, it was finally transported by magicks to its current resting place.
011 Ala Gannha
Situated in the Peak's northern reaches, this village once flourished through its quarry, the beautiful stone sourced and cut here used to build no lesser a structure than the Royal Palace of Ala Mhigo. Such prosperous days, however, have become but a memory, and the villagers are faced with the harsh realities of a failing industry.
012 Specula Imperatoris
After claiming Gyr Abania for its own, the Empire erected this monstrous tower in order to maintain watch over the region. A communications spire was later added in preparation for the next phase of the Eorzean invasion, followed by an energy spire for activating the Ultima Weapon.
013 The Arms of Meed
Cleanse your mind, hone your flesh, redeem your soul─so teaches the Fist of Rhalgr. The temple was built in accordance with this belief, that those who have committed wrongs might atone for their sins. Seven years of grueling training here will earn you the Destroyer's forgiveness no matter the weight of your crime.
014 The Ziggurat
The Sixth Umbral Calamity wreaked havoc upon the realm's aetherial flow, giving rise to unstable weather patterns. Desiring to correct the disturbance, descendants of the Amdapori and the Mhachi set aside past differences and came together to build the Ziggurat, which served as a weight to still the land's writhing currents of aether.
015 Emprise
In the past, monks who completed their training at the Temple of the Fist were honored in a ceremony held in this hallowed cloister. Once alive with activity, thronging with monks and pilgrims alike, it was laid to waste at the mad king's command and is now home to naught but ghosts of the past.
049 Ala Ghiri
Situated along the highroad connecting Ala Mhigo to the rest of Aldenard, Ala Ghiri once served as a trade hub and a vital waypoint for overland trade with the East. Under imperial rule, that trade came to focus upon catering to the needs of the occupation force.
050 Specula Imperatoris #2
Its name meaning “the Emperor's watchtower,” this forbidding military installation is situated at the heart of the mountainous Peaks region. For long years it has cast its menacing shadow over the land and people's hearts both, dominating the skyline as an ever-present reminder of imperial rule.

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