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The Source
The Isle of Ken
75 Gulleye
Eastern Isle of Ken
75 Gulleye
010 Fort Jobb
Once the forward base of a long-faded knightly order, these ruins were repurposed to serve as a defensive outpost for the Crystarium guard. The architectural remnants of the Church of the First Light now merely hint at the majesty of a bygone era.
011 Radisca's Round
Located in the center of Lakeland, this watchtower is named in honor of a soldier who saved countless lives when he warned of a flying swarm of sin eaters. The soldier himself was slain in battle, having chosen to remain at the tower and delay the eaters' pursuit.
012 Laxan Loft
In the old tongue of the elves, “Laxan” is the word for “Lakeland,” and it is here that the region's erstwhile king set his throne. The castle is also infamous as the site of a historical conflict, where the Shadowkeeper led a force of elven dissidents in a final, bloody uprising.
013 The Ostall Imperative
The well-preserved remnants of a fortress dating back to the glory days of Lakeland. This imposing structure was named in honor of one Ser Ostall, who, according to the tales, ordered his men to stand their ground against a ravening horde of sin eaters. The knight himself refused to fall, holding off the abominations until the smallfolk had reached safe refuge.
014 The Hour of Certain Durance
These crumbling ruins are all that remains of a Lakeland prison. To the east, at the base of the cliff, can be seen another memory of the past─the domiciles of the prison wardens. Once known by a less-somber name, “Mortal Irons” is thought to better reflect the settlement's abandoned state and the transient fate of its residents.
015 Sullen
Weed, Brick, Knot, and Lap─the fishing village of Sullen sprawls across these four small islands, its bridges connecting each location to the next, and thence to the shore of the Source itself. The settlement's name, it seems, was agreed upon as a self-deprecating nod to the oft-creased brows of its resident fishermen.

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