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Seagazer Shoals
75 Gulleye
016 Cracked Shell Beach
When questioned on the rather prosaic name of this coastline, the inhabitants of nearby Stilltide simply point to the carpet of broken seashells. In earlier days, they say the beach was crowded with the comings and goings of local fishermen, but now it is mostly the boots of barbaric hobgoblins leaving tracks along the pebbled shore.
017 White Oil Falls
This waterfall marks the midpoint of Watts River. The sluggish current sends water over the cliff with little force, the cascade cleaving closely to the rock as it plunges down from an impressive height. Upon observing this almost-viscous flow, a renowned poet is said to have likened the falls to an enormous trickle of oil.
018 Gatetown
Gatetown is a haphazard mess of shacks and lean-tos─the result of refugees throwing up shelters as they await their chance to embrace the comforts of Eulmore. Though living conditions can best be described as “abysmal,” the regular distribution of meol and minimal risk of eater attacks has only seen the population increase over time.
019 Wright
A farming village in the southern reaches of Kholusia. The residents of Wright have refused the largesse of Eulmore, preferring instead to subsist upon barley, vegetables, and other crops cultivated through time-honored methods. Their independence cost them dearly, however, when the appearance of a stray sin eater ended in unspeakable slaughter.
020 The Ladder
This enormous mechanism facilitates travel between Kholusia's lowlands and highlands. Its gears once driven by the tireless Talos of Daedalus Stoneworks, the apparatus fell into disrepair after said company retired its operations in the region─a development which all but halted trade with the highland dwarves.
021 Tomra
One of the dwarven settlements which dot the slopes of Mt. Gulg, Tomra is home to a sizable branch of the Tholl family. Every building is constructed on a scale to cater to the diminutive inhabitants, giving taller races the impression of a village built in miniature.
022 The Duergar's Tewel
The far end of the Dwarven Hollows opens up into a great, crater-like expanse. Geysers here spew volcanically heated water high into the air, spraying the uncaring dwarves as they mine deposits of sulphur and other valuable minerals.

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