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Nym River
Woad Whisper Canyon
15 Gulleye
003 Seasong Grotto
“I am the waves that bear, I am the winds that guide.
I am the evening stars, I am the morning sky.
I am born of the sea, and there shall I die.”

Nestled within a shallow cavern situated to the south of Summerford Farms sits an ancient monolith upon which is carved this, the Sailors' Requiem.
004 The Skylift
Once an endless expanse of flat, rocky meadows, middle La Noscea is now severed atwain by a sheer cliff known as the Descent. To maintain overland trade routes from the easterly outposts of Aleport and Bronze Lake, Lominsan engineers created the Skylift─a tower of wooden scaffolding outfitted with pulleys, winches, and lighter-than-air balloons.
005 La Thagran Eastroad
When the Galadion fell victim to the Navigator's fury and ran aground on the southern shores of Vylbrand seven hundred years ago, it was her two helmsmen, Jean De Nevelle and Guy La Thagran, who were tasked with exploring the newfound island─the former heading east, the latter, west. To this day, their routes still serve as La Noscea's two main thoroughfares.
021 Woad Whisper Canyon
Little more than a shallow valley but five years past, Woad Whisper Canyon was carved into a gaping gorge in a matter of moons after the Calamity drained Bronze Lake and dramatically altered the course of the Nym River. On hot days, laborers from both Summerford Farms and the Skylift will oft take respite in the cool mists of the falls...if not met by bandits.
022 Summerford Farms
When Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn rose to Admiral, one of her first decrees included the clearing of large swaths of land for new Lominsan settlements. Summerford Farms and its expansive orange groves is one of those locations─its name is derived from the man-made crossings required when late spring runoff from Mt. O'Ghomoro causes the Rogue River to swell.

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