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Reaver Hide
Skull Valley
The Brewer's Beacon
15 Gulleye
008 The Brewer's Beacon
This relatively new lighthouse was built soon after the Calamity claimed Swiftperch Tower to ensure safe passage for trade vessels carrying shipments of dark stouts and blonde barleywines out of Aleport. In addition, the candlekeeps also keep watch for increasingly frequent rogue tidal waves caused by the stirrings of the Lord of the Whorl.
026 The Navigator
Carved centuries past by a famous Roegadyn sculptor, this massive stone effigy located in the center of Aleport's lower plaza serves as hallowed ground upon which sailors might offer solemn prayers to the watcher of the seas before embarking on their journeys across the untamed deep.
027 The Ship Graveyard
For centuries, ships wrecked off the shores of southern Vylbrand have been carried upon currents to this quiet inlet─a timeless reminder of the deep's boundless wrath. So many are the wooden corpses which populate this watery lichyard, it is said that for every hull visible above the waves, a score more slumber beneath.
028 Camp Skull Valley
Now a strategic outpost for the Maelstrom, Camp Skull Valley was once but a circle of tents occupied by a meager Yellowjacket unit charged with surveilling the area for kobold incursions. Those beastmen foolish enough to venture down from O'Ghomoro were slaughtered and beheaded─their skulls put on display as a warning to others.
029 Tidegate
Taking advantage of the chaos left in the Calamity's wake, a large force of Sahagin rose from the seas and laid claim to Halfstone, a distant Lominsan settlement on the far-western edge of La Noscea. To prevent any further swells of the beastman forces, a massive wall was erected between the enemy-occupied lowlands and the allied Skull Valley.

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