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You do not sense any fish here.
Fool Falls
030 Camp Bronze Lake
The formation of great underwater fissures during the Calamity saw nearly half of the water comprising Bronze Lake vanish in the span of a single night. The result was the uncovering of ancient Nymian ruins submerged for thousands of years─most notably, the Wanderer's Palace, a temple dedicated to the god Oschon.
031 Thalaos
Though there is no proof to support the claim, rumor has these sun-bleached remains of a long-dead denizen of the deep are those of one of the legendary twin sea serpents believed to have been unleashed by the Navigator, Llymlaen, at the dawn of eras to fill the empty seas (the other being Perykos).
032 Jijiroon's Trading Post
Located on the eastern banks of Bronze Lake, Jijiroon's Trading Post is one of two makeshift markets peddling baubles and trinkets to those brave enough to venture that deep into kobold lands. The other is Memeroon's Trading Post, run by Jijiroon's estranged sibling, to whom the stubborn Qiqirn merchant hasn't spoken in twenty summers.

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