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015 The Path of Artifice
This massive lift is one of several which connects the surface of Old Sharlayan to the subterranean research and storage complex of Labyrinthos. At the end of its descent, the mechanism opens up onto the hub of upper Acrinthos, from where passengers or cargo continue onwards towards other facilities.
016 Thaumazein
Thaumazein, or “wonder,” is the emotion one feels at the onset of the quest for knowledge. Such a quest was begun here, in an effort to pierce the mysteries of the aetherial sea, yet what researchers encountered was the will of Hydaelyn Herself. The site became a shipyard, where they would construct an ark destined to reach the very moon.
017 Meryall Agronomics
In this experimental crop farm, researchers explore agricultural methodology and study the growth of seeds collected from various regions across the world. It is named after Meryall─one of the seven Archons instrumental in Sharlayan's foundation─whose botanical knowledge helped enrich the island's barren soils and resolve food shortages.
018 Troglophile's Deep
This cavern serves as a breeding ground for certain subterranean species deemed vital to ongoing research efforts─including a study into creating fertilizer from the subjects' phosphorous-rich excrement. Troglofauna reproduction is, however, an inexact science, routinely resulting in excessive numbers of cave-dwelling offspring spilling out into nearby habitats.
019 Sharlayan Hamlet
Located in the Central Circuit, this self-contained settlement provides housing for Forum-authorized researchers. Due to the highly confidential nature of their projects and a strictly enforced information protocol, the men and women here are rarely permitted egress to the city proper.

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