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You do not sense any fish here.
The Chlorophospond
85 Gulleye
037 Kydonia Knolls
This lifelike face of enormous scale appears to peek out from the surface of Mare Lamentorum. Obviously no natural formation, it is nevertheless unknown who carved this piece, or indeed, whose features it is meant to resemble. One thing is certain: the model would not find the depiction particularly flattering.
038 The Carrotorium
This district was specifically designed to sustain the continued existence of mankind, and, more importantly, as a wonderful place to cultivate the miraculous orange vegetables known as carrots. Because let's face it: any trial or trouble becomes easier to bear when one holds a carrot in one's paw.
039 Greatest Endsvale
The architect of this district envisioned an ideal forest─a place where the new residents of the moon could sit or wander amidst arboreal splendor. The fact that it resembles a forest in only the most abstract sense of the word detracts somewhat from the intended effect. Well, it's the thought that counts...
040 Heimdall's Last Sight
The ancient Allagans launched this Heimdall-class vessel into the heavens to monitor Bahamut's prison, Dalamud. When that colossal satellite awakened around the time of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, the observation craft was shot down as it attempted to halt the activation process.
041 The Watcher's Palace
A structure of enduring design, this brooding tower stands resolute in its vigil of untold millennia. The aetherially conductive plate encircling its spires is reminiscent of a certain architectural style, one found only in the depths of the ocean on the First...

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