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018 The Lonely Giant
Local legend claims the Lonely Giant is everything from the ghost of a Sil'dihn sultan, to the prototype for a new model of Garlean machina. Ul'dahn scholars, however, simply believe him a Coerthan goobbue who lost his bearings during the chaos of the Calamity, and after a long journey through the Black Shroud, died of exhaustion upon reaching Thanalan.
019 The Invisible City
Buried under nearly a malm of solid rock, if not for a gaping rent torn open by the Calamity, these ancient ruins may have gone undiscovered for another thousand summers. Scholars sent to Highbridge to study the site are currently of a mind that the structures are not a city, but in fact the tomb of one Lalafuto IV, famed sultan of Belah'dia.
020 Highbridge
After the Calamity rent eastern Thanalan asunder, one of the first projects commissioned by the Syndicate was the construction of a bridge to span the newly formed chasm and restore the trade route with lands transpontine. The city which has sprung up along its edges is populated almost solely by scholars investigating the nearby ruins of the Invisible City.
055 The Burning Wall
Once an unscalable precipice severing eastern Thanalan from the Grand Wake, the Burning Wall earned its name for the deep-red glow it would emit each evening as the sun set. Toppled by the Calamity, that cliff no longer exists─in its place a queer forest of crystalline sentinels and malformed creatures shunned by nature itself.
056 The Golden Bazaar
Once a waypoint for traders making the journey between Gridania and Ul'dah, the rise of settlements such as Camp Drybone and Highbridge have all but rendered the once prospering hamlet a ghost town. Rumors of mythril deposits in the nearby mountains and treasure in the ruins of the Invisible City, however, may work to rekindle this dying ember.
057 Thal's Respite
Overseer of wealth in the afterlife, proper obeisance to the Trader, Thal, is required for those who wish to take belongings accumulated in this world to the hereafter. Thal's Respite is oft used by stout devotees of the Order of Nald'thal as a place of fasting and prayer, but its distance from Ul'dah prevents all but the most affluent from making the journey.


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