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063 East Watchtower
To power their legions of warmachina, the Garleans require a steady supply of the aether-based fuel known as ceruleum. Bluefog housing the largest deposit in Eorzea, the Empire has begun their own mining operation but a stone's throw from the Allied refineries, heightening tensions in the area and prompting the construction of two watchtowers.
064 Ceruleum Pipeline
Even before airships and engines were commonplace in Eorzea, Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern recognized the potential value of ceruleum and laid claim to nearly all of the untapped deposits in northern Thanalan. In an ironic twist, for many years before the Garlean invasion, the Concern's biggest customer was, in fact, the imperial army.
065 Bluefog
Though abundant on the northern continent of Ilsabard, only a handful of ceruleum deposits have ever been discovered on Aldenard, the largest being buried under the Sea of Spires in northern Thanalan. Ceruleum is a highly unstable substance and will begin to evaporate when in contact with air, resulting in the bluish haze from which this area earns its name.
066 Raubahn's Push
In the final days of the Sixth Astral Era, the ceruleum fields of northern Thanalan proved to be one of the most hotly contested areas in all Eorzea, with the Empire amassing a giant host outside of Bluefog to seize control of the local fuel refineries. Though outnumbered three to one, Raubahn and his army succeeded in “pushing” back the enemy.
067 Abandoned Amajina Mythril Mine
The discovery of mythril in a small copper mine in Bluefog triggered the Great Rush which saw would-be prospectors flock to the Sea of Spires in search of quick and easy fortune. The veins that ran through the mountains, however, were not deep, and it was but ten summers before the mines ceased to yield the precious metal, forcing many to abandon their claims.


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