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Verdant Drop
012 The Sanctum of the Twelve
This sky-scraping ivory cathedral was built following the Age of Endless Frost─a dark period in which the realm was overrun with famine and disease─to serve as a place of refuge and respite for all who sought succor. Soon after, however, it fell into ruin and was all but forgotten...until the advent of the Seventh Umbral Era saw need for its rise once again.
013 Little Solace
Little is the solace granted to those sylphs who would voice their opposition to the summoning of the Lord of Levin. Little is the solace bequeathed upon those who would abandon their homes in the Sylphlands and shun their frenzied brethren. Thus, it is only through fraternity that those sylphs may ultimately find solace, however little it may be.
043 The Seedbed
Illuminated in the soft glow of countless moonspores, the Seedbed is an ancient arbor-turned-nursery used by the sylphs to grow and incubate their offspring, also known as podlings.

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