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Middle Hathoeva River
30 Gulleye
Urth's Gift
044 Buscarron's Druthers
The Druthers is run by a disenfranchised ex-sentry-turned-tavernkeep and welcomes all manner of folk, from upstanding to unsavory, so long as they follow Buscarron Strongarm's simple rules of etiquette: sit down, forget your worries, and savor your ale.
045 South Shroud Landing
Constructed by Highwind Skyways to serve as a landing for cargo airships, this location was quickly abandoned when the imperial presence in the area became too large to ignore. Now the site is used as a makeshift market where bandits and poachers peddle their ill-gotten wares far from the eyes of the law.
046 Urth's Gift
Ancient writings tell that in exchange for her lifeblood, Lady Urth was able to seal the Dark Divinity Odin in a crystalline prison beneath a bubbling wellspring. To honor her sacrifice, the land upon which she drew her last breath still bears her name.
047 Quarrymill
Once a deal had been struck between the Gelmorrans and the elementals allowing their return to the forest surface, the Elezen began unearthing large quantities of boulders to build the foundations of their new city, Gridania. The waterwheels of Quarrymill were raised to power the hammers which rendered the massive stones into workable blocks.

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