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The Nail
The Weeping Saint
45 Gulleye
068 The Nail
As is described in the Enchiridion, to ensure the realm of man did not drift apart from the firmament, Halone struck the Nail through both, ever binding the two. And though assailed on all sides by great metal shards fallen from the lesser moon Dalamud's crust, the ancient peak remained standing, a testament to the land's life force.
069 The Observatorium
Three hundred years ago, Ishgardian astrologian Adaunel the Younger convinced the Holy See that he could predict the comings and goings of the Dravanian Horde by studying the movements of the heavens, and thus secured funding for the construction of the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena and its grand astroscope.
070 The Frozen Fang
In years past, the hot alpine summers would have seen this fallen Dravanian outflyer blown with maggots and reduced to bones in a matter of days. Now, in the endless winter wrought by the Calamity, the carcass rests in the permafrost under a thick blanket of snow, perfectly preserved since the day he was pierced through the heart by a ballista.
071 The Holy See of Ishgard
For the past thousand years, Ishgard has waged a bloody war with the dragons of Dravania. To fend off the enemy horde, a complex web of defenses, magical and corporeal, has been added piecemeal to the city proper's outer walls, transforming her into an impenetrable bastion, while at the same time, isolating her and her people from the outside world.
072 Boulder Downs
Before the Calamity, Boulder Downs was a vast sloped lea littered with moraine deposited by realm-swallowing glaciers long receded. The rain of debris that accompanied the fall of Dalamud, however, transformed the landscape into a frozen wasteland pocked with gaping impact craters and peculiar dark matter formations.
073 The Fury's Gaze
A place holy to all Ishgardians, it is believed that when a man stands within this hidden grotto, the Fury Herself will reach deep into the darkest recesses of his soul and lay out his sins before him, allowing the man to repent those failings. Monument Tower was built nearby to protect this hallowed ground from the taint of dragons and heretics.
074 Snowcloak
The bitter cold which swept over the Coerthas highlands following the Calamity did not only blanket the region in snow and ice, but transformed the water of Twinpools and the Swiftrun into a mountainous flow of ice─a flow which has slowly crept through the western Coerthas highlands and now has completely engulfed Gargoyle Crossing, preventing passage.
075 Camp Dragonhead
Its name taken from a rocky outcropping said to be the head of a Dravanian king turned to stone by the almighty hand of Halone, this outpost acts as the Coerthas central highlands' southernmost line of defense for the Holy See, tasked with fending off Ixali raids from Natalan, skirmishes by heretic factions, and the occasional yeti scare.
076 The Steel Vigil
One of four citadel watchtowers built along the Sea of Clouds, the Steel Vigil warned the Holy See of aerial attacks for centuries before being razed and gutted by the Dravanian Horde and their vile commander, Svara. Now, only the outer walls remain, leaving a bitter reminder of the dragons' destructive power.

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