Spiny Lobster 43.6
260   Average 

This massive crustacean found in both the Ruby Sea and the Glass Ocean is considered a delicacy in the Far East, and is a luxury oft too extravagant for any but the richest of nobles to partake in.

[Suitable for printing on medium canvases.]

To small sea creatures, this aquatic warrior strikes an imposing profile─clad in a chitinous, segmented exoskeleton of armor, brandishing menacing pincers, and flailing thick, whip-like antennae. Gods be praised they are tiny.


The Ruby Sea
The Kobayashi Maru70
The Eastern Ruby Sea70
Kobayashi Maru's Northern Wake70


(Number: 3018)
Water Cluster
Allagan Bronze Piece
Red Pigment
Fine Sand
Water Crystal (1~3)


Name  unsung angler

Spiny Lobster - Cat became hungry