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Moraby Bay
Empty Heart
The Salt Strand
20 Gulleye
006 The Salt Strand
When struck by a fallen shard from Dalamud's outer shell, a massive amount of concentrated aether was released from just below the surface of the Rhotano Sea, immediately fusing with and crystallizing the towering fount of saltwater which was expelled during the impact. Citystate-funded exploratory forays into the inner crater have all yet to return...
007 Red Rooster Stead
The farmers on the Red Rooster Stead will rarely shy from testing their agricultural acumen on exotic crops or untested growing methods, and take pride in their willingness to sacrifice a harvest if it means a better yield an autumn hence. The plantation's name is said to be taken from the bloody cockfights held after nightfall by the gamekeeps.
023 The Grey Fleet
Sitting high atop Widow Cliffs on the southeastern coast of Vylbrand, the Grey Fleet was built to harness the constant southerly winds funneled down through the Strait of Merlthor, and use them to power the many mills which grind the region's wheat and full its wool.

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