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008 Ruveydah Fibers
This state-sponsored workshop is famed for producing silk thread of exquisite quality. Its sericulture and weaving techniques were once jealously guarded secrets, but security measures have become lax since Ul'dah and other nations began manufacturing their own silk fabrics.
009 Balshahn Bazaar
If commerce is the lifeblood of RadzatHan, then these roofed market stalls would be its heart. Balshahn himself was a legendary merchant who made a vast fortune through trade with other nations. It was his final wish that his estate be spent on the construction of a great bazaar, ever flowing with coin and wares.
010 Nilopala Nourishments
Hamsa were originally reared for the sole purpose of harvesting their venom, until a breeder by the name of Nilopala devised a technique to remove the creatures' toxin glands. The birds suddenly became a viable source of tender, succulent meat, and, before long, Hamsa dishes were considered a staple of Hannish cuisine.
011 Mehryde's Meyhane
Owned and run by the eponymous Mehryde, this meyhane offers light meals and beverages, with the main draw being its myriad varieties of liquor distilled by local alchemists. Foreign visitors are often entranced by the stage performers, whose movements incorporate elements of traditional Thavnairian dance.
012 Meghaduta
The palace of the satrap serves not only as a residence, but also as the center of RadzatHan's government. Meaning “cloud messenger” in the old Arkasodara tongue, Meghaduta was built at the summit of a rocky megalith, its great doors admitting an endless stream of servants, petitioners, and official visitors.
013 Alzadaal's Peace
Within this mausoleum is interred the mortal remains of Alzadaal, leader of the Auri tribe which sailed to Thavnair from the mainland. By joining the might of his people with the Arkasodara, Alzadaal tipped the scales against the Gajasura, bringing an end to the internecine war of the Matanga tribes.
014 Ruveydah Fibers Rooftop Garden
Hidden from view atop the workshops of Ruveydah Fibers is a squat golden statue of a gaja, surrounded by a garden of mulberry bushes. Sitting upon the statue is said to bring good fortune, the proof of which is tested as one wanders about the unfenced rooftop.

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