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Sagolii Dunes
35 Gulleye
058 Nald's Reflection
Overseer of wealth and commerce upon the corporeal plane, it is believed that through fervent worship of the Trader Nald, one will reap immeasurable fortune in one's living years. Prince and pauper alike once made pilgrimages to this remote place of prayer in search of prosperity...until, that is, Milvaneth Sacrarium opened a new (toll-based) temple within Ul'dah.
059 Zahar'ak
Loosely translated as “land of perseverance,” Zahar'ak is a forward stronghold for the Amalj'aa host based in Zanr'ak. The beast tribe believes the scorched plains of Thanalan to be hallowed ground blessed by the cleansing flames of their primal deity, Ifrit, and as such are intent on driving from the land all whom they deem invaders.
060 The Sagolii Desert
According to the Sons of Saint Coinach, the Sagolii Desert was once a verdant sea of lush plains capable of sustaining great civilizations, as is evidenced by the ruins recently discovered in the area. How such a place devolved into a lifeless desert remains a mystery, but recent disaster tells us an ancient calamity is the likely culprit.
061 The Sunken Temple of Qarn
Most scholars of ancient Belah'dian civilization claim this twisting labyrinth of complex chambers to be a place of worship dedicated to the sun goddess, Azeyma. Recent diggings, however, have uncovered older chambers buried beneath the new containing relics not of the Sixth Astral Era, suggesting that the temple may have been built by a different people.
062 Minotaur Malm
Local legend has that long ago, a young goatherd leading his pack to water at Forgotten Springs was set upon and chased a full malm through these caves by a minotaur. There has yet to be a second sighting of the creature, but the stories are enough to frighten away most who would consider passage through this trading post used by the Seventy-Seven Caravans.

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