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The Pappus Tree
60 Gulleye
The Habisphere
60 Gulleye
The Flagship
60 Gulleye
036 The Gration
Flagship of the VIth Legion of the Garlean Empire, of the same make as the fallen Agrius. It now lies grounded, its ceruleum engines sealed in aetheric ice by the hand of Shiva, Lady of Frost.
037 The Fractal Continuum
A mighty warship converted to a museum, intended to preserve for eternity precious artifacts from the thousand-year history of the Allagan Empire. From everyday tools to advanced military technology, the objects within are a testament to the fallen civilization's surpassing might and prosperity.
038 Antithesis
Home to Tiamat, great wyrm of Midgardsormr's first brood, who fell to and was imprisoned by the Allagans. Even now, she laments her fateful decision to summon her brood-brother Bahamut back as a primal to aid her in her struggle.
039 Aetherochemical Research Facility
An ancient Allagan research facility, wherein studies in restraining dragons and mastering primals were conducted. Test subjects from failed experiments prowl its long-since-abandoned halls.
040 Helix
A massive port of sorts that stands among the wastes of Azys Lla. As the guidance node tells it, it was one of the few imperial landings massive enough to house Ragnarok-class internment hulks. It would seem the docking rings that remain are but a fraction of those that stood in bygone days.
041 Quarantine Block
This floating islet in a lonely corner of Azys Lla served as an isolation area for chimerical creations which failed to meet established safety parameters. Historical records indicate that the facility began its life as a research center for advanced agricultural crossbreeding.
042 Recombination Labs
This Allagan research facility gave birth to countless numbers of chimerical creations. Though the guidance system is quick to assure all visitors that the good behavior of the creatures born here was─at least at one point─guaranteed, recent visitors may find themselves having doubts.
060 Centrifugal Crystal Engine
This seemingly indefatigable engine harnessed the power of the imprisoned Warring Triad to transmute the life force of chimera experiments into synthetic crystal. These manufactured shards would then be used to fuel the cultivation of the chimeras as part of research into the possibility of obtaining limitless power.
061 Biomass Incubation Complex
A research facility dedicated to chimera splicing experiments. Its construction was prompted by “imaginative requests” from the Allagan Research Council and related institutes, leading to the cultivation of all manner of living prototypes. The Mutagenesis nearby serves as an annex to the complex.
062 The Cathedral
A cathedral designed in a distinct Meracydian style. The architecture suggests a place of worship by a tribe of treelike beings who believed themselves “remnants” of Sephirot. To research the link between faith and primal summoning, the Allagans moved the ancient structure to Azys Lla from its original location on the southern continent.


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