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The Long Climb
40 Gulleye
033 The Floating City of Nym
Suspended high above the foothills of Mt. O'Ghomoro is the Floating City of Nym─central hub of a lost civilization which prospered on Vylbrand during the Fifth Astral Era. The accepted theory as to how the city was torn from the realm involves the over-aspecting of corrupted wind crystals─a phenomenon witnessed late in the Sixth Astral Era.
034 Camp Overlook
Manned by the “meanest shite-kickin' unit in the whole damn Maelstrom,” Camp Overlook serves as the base of operations for the Red Swallows─a privateer levy tasked with the surveillance of kobold activity in outer La Noscea and along the slopes of Mt. O'Ghomoro.
035 U'Ghamaro Mines
The brilliant rainbow-colored hues that permeate the otherwise bistre slopes of O'Ghomoro are a result of the endless flow of toxic slumgullion streaming forth from the labyrinthine warrens that make up U'Ghamaro Mines. As more kobolds arrive on the surface each day, there is a scramble to construct new forges to accommodate them.
036 The Hermit's Hovel
While few have ever seen the lord of this humble hideaway which rests precariously on the edge of an unscalable precipice─let alone obtained his permission for entering the premises─that has not stopped travelers from taking full advantage of the respite the location offers, whether it be a dip in the steaming pools, or a few bells' slumber on the soft goosefeather bed.


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