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You do not sense any fish here.
Murmur Rills
Lake Tahtotl
50 Gulleye
Proud Creek
048 Ixali Logging Grounds
The Ixal have never taken well their banishment from the Black Shroud, and to this day continue to fell the hoary sentinels growing on the forest's outskirts. Too heavy to drag back to their settlements in Natalan or faraway Xelphatol, the ill-gotten lumber is tied to balloons buoyed with Ixali airstones and flown to the beast tribe's homeland under the cover of night.
049 Fallen Neurolink
Coined by the learned men of Garlond Ironworks, these massive rings were used to dampen spiritual energies, preventing the focusing of power required to wield magicks. No less than five, each measuring hundreds of yalms across, were required to keep Bahamut silent for three full eras...but even then they proved insufficient.
050 Alder Springs
Once a vast grove of giant alders, the flames of the Calamity reduced the area to a charred graveyard, leaving nothing of the ancient holt but its name.

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