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You do not sense any fish here.
Hells' Lid
The Isle of Bekko
65 Gulleye
Shoal Rock
The Eastern Ruby Sea
70 Gulleye
Northwestern Onokoro
85 Gulleye
Isari Slope
027 Tamamizu
An underwater village founded by the peaceful Kojin of the Blue. Though the Kojin are able to survive for long periods without air, they do not possess gills like the Sahagin. So it was that they developed magicks that allowed them to create an immense bubble of air within which to dwell.
028 Shoal Rock
One of many isles that pepper the Ruby Sea, hemmed in to the north by a circular formation of enormous coral whereupon the Confederacy established an outpost. According to Hingan historians, the isle was formed of magma that spewed forth from Hells' Lid.
029 Heaven-on-High
A slender tower of stone stacked to impossible heights, seemingly piercing the very heavens. Aside from a Far Eastern myth that attributes its creation to the kami, little is known about the structure. During a time of war, audacious pirates of the Confederacy made landfall and claimed the spot for their own.
030 Sakazuki
Its name meaning “goblet,” this island is said to be the birthplace of the Confederacy, where rival pirates first toasted as brothers and pledged themselves to a common cause. Today it remains an important outpost, constantly garrisoned by sharp-eyed guards who keep watch for vessels that sail the Ruby Sea.
031 The Isle of Zekki
So named as the home of a fearsome fiend, even the Kojin of the Red, who have long dwelled here, came to know the isle by this moniker. An island in truth in the distant past, it was joined to the mainland by magma over the course of multiple volcanic eruptions.
032 Isari
A small fishing village situated on the eastern coastline of Othard, its name a reference to its livelihood. For a time the Confederacy had something of a presence here, operating out of a little shack and collecting its Ruby Tithe.
057 Shisui of the Violet Tides
Hidden away at the bottom of the Turquoise Trench, this magnificent palace is home to the Ruby Princess, leader of those Raen who dwell beneath the waves. While its beauty can be appreciated from afar, special permission is required to enter the grounds─a privilege seldom granted.
058 East Othard Coastline
Blessed by the bounty of the Ruby Sea, the eastern coastline of Othard has long boasted a flourishing fishing trade, and villages like Isari are a common sight. The region also abounds in natural beauty, as numerous poems throughout the ages will attest.
059 Crick
For the longest time, folk gave these shores a wide berth for fear of the kami, who they believed erected the enigmatic tower known as HeavenonHigh. The pirates of the Confederacy harbored no such fears, however, and one day they claimed the land for their own and established an outpost.

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